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Credit card processing products and services

Our Products & Services

While the majority of our clients come to us with existing equipment or internet gateways, we have a wide range of terminals, mobile solutions, and gateways at reasonable prices. All are PCI compliant for anyone that would like to upgrade their current systems. If you need a terminal or gateway, please CLICK HERE, and fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 1 business day.


Dejavoo X5 Terminal
Dejavoo X5 – State of the art dial up terminal with integrated printer. Internal loyalty program at no cost. Credit card, gift card, and check processing capabilities.
Dejavoo X8 Terminal
Dejavoo X8 – Same as the X5, but with IP capability, so no phone line required, and the transactions are considerably faster!
Dejavoo M3 Terminal
Dejavoo M3 – The best wireless terminal on the market. Same capabilities as the X line, but no phone, internet connection or power required. This terminal uses a prepaid wireless service, which cuts the wireless cost by as much as half compared to other wireless terminals on the market.

Verifone and Hypercom terminals available on request also.

Point of Sale Systems

Please Click Here and tell us about your system. We will see if it is compatible with our systems.


Most gateways have similar features, like recurring billing, virtual terminals, fraud controls, shopping cart integrations, quickbooks import/sync, etc. Besides some unique features below, the main determining factors between them would be costs, customer service, and integration with existing shopping carts. Some will integrate with one or only a couple different gateways.
PayTrace Payment Gateway – Level 3 processing! For business to business merchants, this one feature can save a substantial amount on your processing costs! Outstanding customer service, with minimal to zero hold times with technicians highly knowledgeable in interfacing this gateway with different shopping carts.
USA ePay Payment Gateway
USA ePay – Extensive fraud control, customer database, outstanding customer service. Unique Iphone processing equipment with integrated printer.
eProcessing Network Payment Gateway
eProcessing Network – Inventory management, smart phone processing, outstanding customer support.
Authorize Payment Gateway – The largest of the gateways. Most shopping cart integrations. Excellent fraud control.
Charge Anywhere Payment Gateway – From quickbooks plugins to mobile phone options, they have something for everyone.


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Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We pledge to protect the privacy and security of your client information and to provide you with the responsive, professional service you deserve and expect from us. We safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures and continuously review and adopt new procedures and technology to maintain and update those standards.