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Cost Plus pricing, normally reserved for only the largest
of merchants, now available to everyone!
Credit card processing no fee pricing

How Interchange Plus Works

What is Interchange Plus pricing and why is it superior?

To put it simply, Interchange Plus pricing passes hard costs, and adds a very small percentage to those costs.

When you accept credit cards, there are many different ways those cards can go through the interchange system, each with a specific cost based on a number of different factors. These costs are called interchange fees, dues and assessments. Interchange fees are the amount that is paid to the card issuer, and dues & assessments are paid to the card associations. These costs are the same to all merchant service providers. The amount each marks up these fees is their profit to cover customer service, risk and account management.

Most companies do some type of tiered pricing program. With these programs, merchants have only 3-6 different fees, usually referenced as Qualified, Mid-qualified, and Non-qualified. These companies take the over 200 different rates, and lump them into one of those tiers. From a simplicity standpoint, and from a profit standpoint, this is an excellent means to earn a profit for these companies. A card that costs 1.95% and a card that costs 2.65% can both be lumped into a non-qualified tier of 3.69% and up and the merchant would be none the wiser!

Interchange plus pricing doesn’t group any fees together, but instead passes those exact costs to the merchant as separate line items on the monthly statement. The plus is the profit margin the company collects as their markup and is also clearly identified on the statement. Since each and every fee is identified and shown, this is absolutely the most transparent pricing in the industry.

Below is a graphical example of a tiered program vs. an interchange plus program. When looking at the bottom line, how much you will pay to accept credit cards, the interchange plus program is hands down the best program available!

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