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Credit card processing frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interchange plus pricing?
Interchange plus is the term used to describe a structure of pricing a merchant account where a fixed markup is applied to interchange fees charged by the card associations, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Where can I find the current interchange fees?
You can find Visa's interchange fees HERE and Mastercard's interchange fees HERE. Discover doesn't publish their interchange fees at the present time.

What is interchange, dues and assessments?
These are the hard costs that interchange plus pricing is based on. Interchange is the published fee schedule, and is paid to the card issuer. Dues and assessments are paid to the card associations, and as of October 2010, are .11% + .0198 cents for Visa and .11% + .0185 cents for Mastercard, and .10% for Discover.

Why should I choose Interchange Plus Accounts over any other credit card processor?
With us, you get true interchange plus pricing as that is the only way we price accounts. Nothing hidden, totally transparent, honest and ethical with each and every merchant, regardless of size. We will guarantee it! If you don’t get exactly what we promised, feel free to cancel within the first 60 days with no penalties.

What about service after the sale?
Once you are a customer of ours, you have access to our toll free numbers for any kind of help, PLUS, you will receive a cell phone number of one of our agents that will take your calls 24/7. For privacy reasons, hopefully you can understand why we don’t publish our agents cell numbers here. All of our service calls are handled within the United States, with nothing outsourced overseas!

My old processor has raised my rates numerous times over the years. What stops you from doing the same?
With this pricing program, we can’t raise any rates except the exact published rates by the associations, as your pricing is directly tied to them. If you ever find any increase that is not published, feel free to cancel with no penalty. We aren’t worried as it will never happen.

What about terminals, mobile payment options, or internet options?
We have options for any way you need to take cards. We do NOT sell any proprietary terminals, have many different mobile options, and many different internet gateways to pick from.

I own my own terminal; can I use it, or will I have to purchase a new one?
Most of the time, the terminal you have can be reprogrammed to our service. Unless it is proprietary, like some FD terminals, or is not PCI complaint, which means it is not certified any more due to card security issues.

What will it cost to change our merchant account over to you?
We don't charge setup fees, reprogram fees, or other fees to set up with our service. There may be a gateway setup fee if you are using an internet gateway to process your sales, but that would be the only charge by us when bringing on your account.

How long does it take to receive my deposits from my sales?
The general rule is 2 business days.

I have another question that is not covered by this FAQ.
Please fill out our contact form and someone will reply within 1 business day.

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